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Experience the difference from cubscoutpatches.com.

Our company offers customized service for organizations and individuals all the time. You can see our products anywhere. Thousands of organizations, from Fortune Global 500 and National Aeronautics and Space Administration to boy scout and clubs, they all proud to wear the symbol of cubscoutpatches.com. Our company will customize a program for our customers according to your style, size, color, and so on. Regardless of how much the account you need, your order will be acquired incomparable service and technological level. We can promise to you that every solution or suggestion will be 100% solved by us, we are centering on our customer's feelings. Our professional designers will take advantage of years of experience to turn your idea into a colorful embroidery pattern.

About Team

Cubscoutpatches.com is a website about interest of DIY craft. We are covering many useful hints and courses of enthusiastic manufacture. The key point of our company is the quality of the products. We will wholeheartedly offer the best and excellent quality and craft for all of our customers. There is a team that combined by professional artist and service staff, they can create useful, pretty, photography, and precious artwork through years of work experience. No matter you want to get a new hobby and improve your skill, or you want to get inspiration, cubscoutpatches.com will always here to help you. Our team is like a big family, everyone is full of enthusiasm to work for patches. You will get the best customer service in our company by our team. We hope you can enjoy the process of ordering patches form us. The staff of our company is experiencing strict training, all of them are hoping you can enjoy the best customer service. Believe in our experience in this industry, we are the best for you. You can get the most relaxing shopping on our website. The process of shopping and ordering is simple to operate.

About Products

Our products can cover many areas, including garment accessorizing, home decoration, souvenir, artwork, and so on. The most important thing of patch is the detail. The technology and facility will be check and update regularly. Our catalogue will be changed every year, and we also add and change the design of embroidery. It is for our products keep the contact with current trend and event. After all, kids need the newest things. Your patches are also need to be newest. The materials are in a high quality, you can trust us. The purpose of our is to help your kids to participate this plan. We are wholesale through biggest distributor, franchise, and high-end customers all over the world. We will create and design the custom patches according to the requirement of our customers. All of us are working hard every day, because we want to be the outstanding company in this industry. We will provide the best service staff to make you enjoy your journey in our company.