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Custom Name Patches

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Name Patches

What Is Custom Name Patch?

Custom name patches are designed for different purposes. Name patches for scout have special meanings. They are used to commemorate important events and show rank identifiers. With collected patches, boy scout and girl scout can show what they have learned in recent years and their adventures.

We are a patch maker. Our custom name patches use the finest material so that they can stand up to bad weather, like rain, salt water, dust, and sand. Our custom made patches can exactly match your cub scout.

The Advantages of Custom Name Patch

Our name patches use the finest material of threads and twill. So we promise 100% quality guarantees. With high embroidery coverage, our custom name patches are washable and durable.

With the permanent color, we promise that the custom embroidered patches are delicate and always keep a clean look. The color will never fade and always keep clear.

All patches are stain-resistant unless they are embroidered in pure white color thread.

custom name patches

The Function of Custom Name Patches



Cub scout holds various outdoor activities. Its purpose is cultivating the character of children, citizenship, leadership, and physical constitution. Custom name patches can record the achievements that they have got it.



The order of cub scout ranks is Lion→Tiger→Wolf→Bear→Webelos→Arrow of Light. After achieving the necessary adventures and requirements, a scout can earn a corresponding patch to represent his rank.



Cub scout is to develop children’s skills from learning a variety of subjects, such as conservation, community awareness, physical fitness, sports, religious activities, and so on. Different ranks of cub scout will take different adventures.

Name Patches for Uniforms

How to Choose the Right Backing for Name Patches?

A long-sleeved nylon shirt and nylon pants are the first choices for cub scout. They make an excellent all-season mid-layer for most climates. They are comfortable, flexible, and practical outdoor clothes. They are quick drying.

However, the heat resistance of nylon is poor. To protect your clothes, iron on backing is not a wise choice. If you want permanency of the combination of clothes and patches, you would better not use the adhesive backing. We suggest you choose sew-on backing and Velcro backing which are the best options.

Why Order Custom Name Patches In Cubscoutpatches.com?

As one of the most important embroideries and customized companies to promote products, we are proud of what are we doing. We are full of creative, scintillating with wit. The creation methods are full of pride. Our company has a backup force of fair price and true commitment to excellent work. You can get the best quality name patches on cubscoutpatches.com.







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