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Custom Hat Patches

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Custom  Hat Patches

What Is Custom Hat Patch?

Custom Hat Patch is a perfect match for hats. Different styles of hat patches are assigned special meanings. They usually serve for a team or group. For example, boy scout and girl scout can use hat patches to memorizing the activities and achievements.

If you want to design custom hat patches for your boy or girl, you should not hesitate to choose us. As we are a professional patch manufacturer, you can have our high-quality custom patches with factory prices.

The Feature of Custom Hat Patches

Long-lasting Colors

We offer over 120 thread colors available for your design. The color in threads does not fade. With the permanent color, we promise that the custom hat patches always keep a clean look.


All of our hat patches are durable. And they can enhance the surface of the clothes. When exposed to the outdoors, custom patches can provide longer life than five years.

Highest Quality

Our custom hat patches are made of the finest material of thread and twill backing. They have 100% quality guarantees. Custom hat patches are washable. And they have a delicate outlook.

Patches for Hats

Three Patch Styles for your Hats

There are three styles of custom hat patches. They are embroidered patches, woven patches, printed patches.

Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches use the finest material of thread and twill backing, and they will translate the design exactly. They also have a delicate and elegant appearance.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches use the thinner thread colors which give them a special look and feel. Custom woven patches are an ideal way to translate complex designs. They can show small details.

Printed Patches

As the ink is directed dyed into the twill fabric background, printed patches can preserve the subtle details and its vibrant colors. Custom printed patches are the best choice for perfectionists.

How to Choose the Best Size for your Hat Patch?

The most standard placement of hat patches is in front. The important element to determine the appearance of a hat is the size of the patches. And size from 2″ to 2.5″ tall is the best suitable.

The Right Size for Hat Patches

Four Types of Backing for your Hat

There are four types of backing for hat patches. We provide plastic backing, iron-on backing, adhesive backing, and Velcro backing, you can sew them on, Iron them on, stick them on, or just use the easy hook and loop!

Plastic Backing

Adhesive Backing

Iron-on Backing

Velcro Backing

Why Order Custom Hat Patches In Cubscoutpatches.com?

As one of the most important embroideries and customized companies to promote products, we are proud of what are we doing. We are full of creative, scintillating with wit. The creation methods are full of pride. Our company has a backup force of fair price and true commitment to excellent work. You can get the best quality hat patches on cubscoutpatches.com.







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