The weather has officially turned to autumn, and now I don’t prepare a coat at hand and I feel that my heart is not practical.

When it comes to the jacket after the last small series recommended to everyone the small personality temperament style British style Welsh plaid suit, there are always friends who say that this suit is not very good control. People with the gas fields can wear more Elegant and elegant ladies, and for the general public, it is easy to wear aunt. So, that coat can make everyone feel comfortable and full of youthfulness? Ok, that’s right, it was the denim jacket at the bottom of the box last year.

However, although the denim jacket is easy to wear, it will always feel less fresh and angry when worn in the season. So, how do you put a new pattern on the denim jacket at the bottom of the box at the beginning of the autumn?

Patches in Jeans



Patch denim jacket


In addition to the cool patch of black and white, the blue denim is dotted with rainbows, and the moon and other interesting patches will make the overall shape have a certain sense of jumping. The whole person seems to have more childish and energetic. The patch jacket here can also be a trademark cut from other clothing brands. It is more distinctive and meaningful to manually DIY stitch it on a solid color denim jacket.

The patch is a kind of sewing method that we will experience when we were young. Who can think that it has become the trend of the current street fashion people in the past ten years? In addition to the above-mentioned DIY patch denim jacket, there is also an upgraded version of the embroidered denim jacket that is also popular in this year’s major fashion weeks.

embroidered patches in clothes

Embroidered denim jacket


The back of the animal’s tiger head embroidered denim jacket, complex stitches and rich colors, as well as vivid animal images will give a visual shock. In addition to large-scale animal prints, such small and patchy embroidery models are also very popular, and a small embroidery that is inadvertently exposed between the hands and the sleeves may be overturned.

Embroidered models full of creativity and ecstasy are also popular among young people. The logo on the clothes also reveals the worn personality. Such a black sleeveless denim jacket will inevitably give people an old feeling, but embroidering a new and unique pattern on it will have a wonderful feeling of renewing old things. In addition to the embroidery on the denim jacket, the embroidery brings a delicate and unique feeling. We can use the same in our old jeans.

Show a rose vine on the jeans, a black tight-fitting sweater on the upper body, and then apply a touch of red lips, it is simply a modern retro fashion girl, mysterious and full of sexy. With a red handbag, the embroidered pattern of the trousers echoes the delicate red handbag, which is also interesting. Of course, the embroidered models are not fashionable, mainly because of the choice of embroidery patterns, such as the following embroidered models that are similarly printed on the bed. There is no small and fine rose on the top.

However, if the same embroidery pattern is turned into a small flower vine embroidery, the girl’s romantic care will be revealed. This overall embroidery style is to upgrade the casual street denim to a gorgeous and elegant court style dress. In addition to being used in everyday denim jackets, embroidery and patches are applied to sexy leather jackets. Women wearing leather jackets always give a cold and cool sexy. But at the same time, it will make the girl in the flower season look like a veteran of the world, and mature instantly.

However, if you embroider the leather jacket with embroidered or rivet design, it will make your overall shape both sexy and full of street cool. This solid color leather jacket is embellished with rivets and will add a lot to your overall look.

cool patch in leather
cool patch in leather

This fall, whether you are going to wear a denim jacket or a leather jacket, you can try to choose a design with an cub scout patches element. Of course, you can also DIY yourself.

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