Custom embroidered patches are the commonest product in They are not only used for some special occasions, but they are also for the individual who wants to create unique objects. If you do not know the difference between 75% embroidery and 100% embroidery, then your choice of custom embroidered patches will be perplexed.

In, you will acquire the best quality and cost performance whether you choose 75% embroidery or 100% embroidery. However, everyone has a different budget and purpose of patches, these will influence the decision while you are ordering. We will show the considerations below when you choose embroidery percentages.

embroiderey percentage

About Cost

Your embroidered patches’ appearance and the price will depend on the embroidery percentage, in other words, it is the embroidery sum that sewing on the patch. If you want the whole patch is covered with embroidery, then you can choose 100% embroidery. Otherwise, you can choose 75% embroidery that is not full of embroidery.


About Base Ground

You can choose poly blend twill or felt twill to fill the extra space. If you order 100% embroidery custom patches, then there are only see threads on the twill. Otherwise you can see a small number of base ground on 75% embroidery. But there will be a thread in most areas. More thread the price will be higher, if you are under-budgeted, 75% will be the best choice. In most situations, just the color of the background is used for base ground, all symbols, text, and patterns will be embroidered.


About Color

Choosing color is the funniest part of the design of your embroidered patches. You have many choices no matter what your embroidery is. We own a huge color range of thread and base ground. Therefore, the coordination of your color will be important. You can use your imagination to choose the color of your thread and the base ground. Your custom embroidered patches will be the same as you want, no matter it is a new idea design or recreates the sign of you and your organization.


About Size

If you already decided all the things except embroidery, then you might need to consider the size of your patch. The big size means a higher price, the requirement of a thread will be large. 75% embroidery will be an excellent choice just for price, rather than 100% embroidery.


All the elements will depend on your style and design of embroidered patches. You will be fulfilling when you finish designing a patch. It is a meaningful thing.

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