What Are Scout Patches?

Custom patches include embroidered patches, police patches, printed patches, woven patches, scout patches and so on. Scout Patches are a kind of custom patches. Scout patches are having a long history that can recognize the achievement of a scout program for boys and girls. Cub Scouts are the training members in the cub scout program that operate by cub scout organizations. It is mainly combined with children between 7-11 years old. The shortened form of this program is Cubs. For the first time, The cub scout was opened to boys; girls can join the Brownies. Cub scout is always opened to girls and boys from few countries from 1990. Scout patches can be used for memorizing the activities and achievements of several generations. They are necessities for cub scouts. Every great cub scout activity will be attached by patches. Gather (or deal) cub scout patch is a part of the cub scout culture.

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The Suitable Placement For Scout Patches

The placement of cub scout patches for left sleeve

Your scout patches will be placed on the left sleeve along with the crack of the shoulder. You can see the lateral picture. The small unit of the veteran will place the scout patches in the "2a" below the emblem. The number in the emblem shows that how many years your unit is already chartered. It is not necessary to have patches, so some packaging that matches the condition will probably not decorate it. Your packaging number will lower than the symbol of a veteran unit that placed in "2". The picture shows a double-digit and packaging number, but it can be four figures.

Left Sleeve

The placement of cub scout patches for right sleeve

You can see the picture, the flag is located in the first place of the right sleeve of cub scout uniform. If you already bought an old uniform, probably the flag was taken down. If you need a new one, you can purchase it online from cubscoutpatches.com. The den number is located on the position 2 under the flag. In some packages, the den number of cub scout patches will keep the same in the whole time. It will distribute a number for others, it means the number of scouts will change when they moved in the queue. The number of scouts will change every year. 
Right Sleeve

The placement of cub scout patches for left pocket

For example, when they are Tiger the number will probably be two, but when they turn into Wolf the number will change to three. It needs to sew on a new den number every year. If there will be a bronze medal, silver medal or gold medal, your bag can decorate with Journey to Excellence Patches. Journey to Excellence is the performance measurement and commend program of American Scout. The World Crest means the scouts of Americans are a part of the world organization of the Scout Movement. It locates in the center place between the left sleeve and the top of the left pocket. The grade of the badge will be seen in the left pocket. The position is:

Bobcat badge-12:00 position

Tiger badge-6:00position   

Wolf badge-9:00position

Bear badge-3:00position

Left Pocket

The placement of cub scout patches for right pocket

If cub scout gets the award of outdoor activities, then they can adorn cub scout patches in the right pocket. Scouts can acquire this award every year. Scouts can earn a pin for an award of outdoor activities every year after they earn the award. Cub scouts will probably receive other patches if they join other activities. Some activities can be cub scout day camp or scout nights that assigned by athletic contests. And some activities are selling popcorn, placing flags on the grave of a veteran in Memorial Day or gathering food for the BSA's scouting food drive. The cub scout patches for the right pockets are "temporary" patches. They can only be adorned one for once. You can sew old patches on the "brag vest" when you change the temporary patches, or you can make a shadow case to keep them.

Right Pocket

Cub Scout Patches

Congratulations! Your little kid is a proud cub scout, he will bring his vest, belt or other cub scout patches to get home sooner. Next, you will find out that you try to find the best way to apply a patch. There will be four different ways below to complete attach scout patches, and some information about the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Make sure your clothes will be completely clean and dry when you sit to attach your patches. Next, find the placement according to the indicate that provided by your leader. Once you know where you can put the patch, please use the safety pins to fix the patch. Then you can make sure you will adopt a more enduring method of your placement for your cloth or belt.

How To Attach Scout Patches?


Step 1:Glue

The easiest way to attach the scout patches is to glue them. Some people like using the hot glue gun, but fabric glue will achieve a better and more enduring results. If you do not want to wash or deal with vest, belt or tunic, this works well. Be aware though the badge and patch will fall apart in the end. Then you can attach again or use other methods. This method works well when you are busy or on the road.

 iron on paper

Step 2:Iron On Or Paper

Many patches are iron-on. If they are not, you can buy iron-on paper to make your badge into iron -on version. Please make sure to operate according to the instruction from the package. Every type of iron on product has a different direction. Iron on patches is easy to attach. They can keep the best condition, but they will wear out or slack as time goes on.

hand sewing

       Step 3:Hand Sewing

This is the best enduring method for applying scout patches, while it is easy to operate and portable. You just need thread and needle. Choose the match thread and needle with a patch.Invisibility threads will be good. This method will attach the patch firmly. Hand sewing is an easy thing. It will teach your cub scout to learn to sew on patches as soon as possible.

machine sewing

Step 4:Machine Sewing

The best way to attach patches is by using the sewing machine. The Sewing machine is fast, the thread will be tidy. You just need to learn some sewing practice. It is the best enduring method up to now. You can wash, launder, and use the cub scout patches at liberty, the patches will be firm. Other details are just like hand sewing.

How To Order In CubScoutPatches.Com?

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